About us

About Quakers

Quakers are a faith group committed to working for equality and peace. Quakerism is almost 400 years old. It’s the common name for the Religious Society of Friends.

It grew out of Christianity and today we also find meaning and value in other faiths and traditions. We recognise that there’s something transcendent and precious in every person. Different Quakers use different words to describe this, but we all believe we can be in contact with it and encounter something beyond our individual selves.

Quakers don’t use traditional religious structures or paid ministers. We share responsibility for what we do because everyone has a valuable contribution to make.

Quaker meetings for worship can be held anywhere, at any time. Every meeting begins in silence. We use it to open ourselves to the wisdom that comes out of stillness. It enriches us and shapes us, individually and collectively. This is what we mean by ‘worship’.

To find about more, visit www.quaker.org.uk, though the only way to understand fully is to go to a Quaker meeting.

About our community

Friends House Quaker Local Meeting (FHLM) is a long-established community of Quakers who meet for worship every Sunday morning in Friends House, opposite Euston Station.

Friends House itself is the administrative base of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) – the national body that supports Quaker meetings across the country and Quaker work around the world. FHLM is simply the local Quaker meeting that happens to take place in the building: we are part of North West London Area Quaker Meeting.

Our Meeting for Worship takes place every Sunday from 11am to 12 noon in the George Fox Room, a conference room on the second floor (accessible by lift).

We are open to all people and typically have around 40 to 50 worshippers each week. These always include newcomers to Quakerism and Quakers who are visiting from other parts of the world.

Our regular members come from across London and from a diverse range of communities and identities.

Our Meeting for Worship is often entirely silent. After Meeting for Worship, we have social time over tea and coffee, and often a discussion group or business meeting takes place from 12.30pm to 1.30pm – see the events page for more details.

Office holders in 2020

Clerk Alan Asay

Assistant Clerk Hugh Dennis

Elders: Randal Barker, Chaundra Crouch, Garry Ellison, Rajit Gholap, Fiona Morgan

Overseers: Brian Deighton (clerk of Overseers), Barbara Chitsaka, Louise Collins, Rachael Gholap, John Hodgson, David Hickok, Nikki Jeffcote

Finance: Treasurer, Rajit Gholap. Annual appeal organiser, John Hodgson

Monthly collections: Polly Buchanan, Barbra Chitsaka, Dugan Cummings, Diana Hurd

Nominations: Committee: Chaundra Crouch. AM Nominations Committee rep: Ruth Hawthorn

Librarians Alex New

Newsletter: Editor, Alex Clayden and Commissioner, Susan Costello

Children’s Group: David Hickok, Fiona Morgan, Tim Robertson. DBS verifier, Alan Asay

Camden Interfaith rep Alex New

Correspondents: Peace and Social Witness: Anne Jones. Education: [vacancy]